Sunrise Camera

Our sunrise camera records the daily sunrise over the English Channel and creates a short lapse video which is then posted to YouTube so you can experience the start of the day as if you were here, wherever you are!

The latest sunrise is usually ready by 09:30 and is updated here everyday.

Would you like to see more sunrises? We keep them all on our YouTube channel so you can watch, share and even subscribe. Better still, book your stay now using our Online Booking system or call us and choose room 1, 2, 5 or 6 so you can enjoy it in person.

How It Works

Every morning, our camera waits for sunrise and then snaps a picture every 5 seconds for 3 hours. Once it has taken over 2100 pictures, we stitch them together at 15 frames per second and create a short clip that is then automatically posted to YouTube.

The camera runs every day and we can't guarantee a spectacular sunrise but each clip is different and interesting in its own way.

And remember, if you subscribe to our YouTube channel then you will get the morning sunrise in your email inbox every day as soon as it's ready.